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How to make old computer run more faster 2018

You can spend a little memory or do something to upgrade your computer to make it work wonderful for you.
6 ways for you to make your computer to run more faster:
1. Uninstall the programs you don't need it any more.
2. Reinstall windows system and program. Backup all keys for system and program.
3. Stop programs start with windows system.
4. Upgrade hard disk to SSD.
5. Add more memory to your computer.

1. Uninstall the programs you don't need it any more

If some programs are out of date or you don't need it any more, you had better uninstall them from your computer, because they will use had disk or memory resource.
To Uninstall program, Control Panel ->Uninstall a Program, choose a program, right click, and choose Uninstall to uninstal it.

2. Reinstall Windows system and programs

When a Windows system is used for sereval years, you will find it run slowly, or some unknown errors usually happen to you. You can optimize the system, and repair the system and programs error. However, I think the best way to solve these issues is reinstall windows system and programs. After reinstallation, you can get a new system, and you can use it with few unknown errors. Notice: Before reinstalling windows system and programs, you should find and backup all product keys. 

3. Stop programs start with Windows system

When you install lot of programs on your computer, and if they start with Windows, they will use CPU, memory, and hard disk resources, so your computer will run slowly. To stop these programs start with the Windows,follow the instructions as follow: Start -> On search box, type in: msconfig -> Run msconfig.exe, Select Startup tab, and then uncheck the programs you don't want them start with Windows.
stop program start with windows

4. Upgrade hard disk to SSD

If your old computer use hard disk and the hard disk port is SATA, I recommend you upgrade it to SSD. To change or add a SSD to desktop computer is easy.

5. Add more RAM for your computer

You can open Windows task Manager (press Ctrl+Alt+Del -> choose Start Task Manager -> Choose Performance) to see how many CPU and memory are used. If the Physical Memory is used over 70%, you can add more memory to speed up your computer. See How to add or change RAM memory for laptop.

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