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Jio4GVoice App Free Call From Jio Sim To Any Mobile

Hi  S2Y Friends, Jio has Stunned All India with Its Unique And Cheapest Free 4G offers and Free Unlimited Calls to Any Mobile Number Of India. Already We have Seen that Free JIO SIM is Out of Stock from Most of The Jio Stores Of India, Thats Showing The Craze Of Jio in Indian People.

Today i will Show You how You can Televerify Your Jio sim from Non Volte Phones With Jio4GVoice ( jiojoin) . Jio Has Some Unique Need For Direct Free Calling and that is VoLTE phone , If You Don’t have VoLTE Phone Then You cant Make Calls Through JIO SIM, Thogh We have solution For That also

What Is VoLTE and Why Its Needed with Free JIO SIM ?

Jio is 4G/LTE Network and VoLTE is Special Software feature Having Full Name Of ” Voice Over LTE ” Without This Feature We cant make HD Voice call Through LTE.

So Basically Voice over Long-Term Evolution (VoLTE) is a standard for high-speed wireless communication for mobile phones and data terminals. It is based on the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) network, with specific profiles for control and media planes of voice service on LTE.

So to Use Free Calling Feature of Jio One Must need Of VoLTE and VoLTE enabled Device.

How to Televerify and Activate Free JIO 4G SIM from 3G / 4G Phone ?

1) Yes, You can Activate And Tele-Verify Your Free JIO 4G SIM with any 3G 4G Phone and Devices, But You Need ” Your Jio sim Is Ready For Tele-Verification ” Message First

If you got That Message Then Follow This Steps

2) Now Download Jio4Gvoice (JioJoin) App From - Her

3) Now Just Install & Open the Jio4GVoice App.

4) Now You need to enable Your Jio cellular data.

5) Wait few minutes and App Will Make you registered automatically.

6) Once You registered successfully Just Open The Dialler From The app >> call at 1977 and complete your tele-verification process.

7) Your Reliance Jio number will be verified.

Jio4GVoice-Here is How to Free Call From Jio Sim To Any Mobile

As Your Phone is Not VoLTE Enabled You cant make HD video voice Call from Your Phone Dialler But as i shown Jio4GVoice / JioJoin app Will do The Job For You

1. Download Jio4gVoice from above Given link

2. Now Turn ON your Jio 4G data

3. Open Jio4gVoice App and Open Dialler and Dial Any number You want to call Even You can Use Inbuilt feature of Contact app to call Any of Your Contact

4. Done !! Your Call Will be Connected In shortly.

Features of Jio4GVoice (JioJoin) App:-

HD Voice & Video Calling:- Stay connected with friends, family and work across the globe. Make and receive calls from any other mobile/landline number, over 4G mobile data. You can also enjoy group conversations with multiple participants. Enjoy HD voice and video calling with fellow Jio4GVoice users.

Rich Call:- Give your calls more life with customized messaging, images & location on the receiver’s screen. Intimate the urgency of your call on the receiver’s screen by using the ‘Urgent Call’ feature. It is hard to ignore a call that says it all!

Unified Messaging for SMS & Chat :- With Jio4GVoice you can send and receive text messages from your Jio number to any mobile number. You can do group chats & share images, videos, location and all types of files like .zip, .pdf to your Jio4GVoice contacts. Set Jio4GVoice as your default messaging app to manage all your SMS and chat threads in one Inbox.

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