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How to fix Android 7.1.1 OS problems: Battery and connectivity issues 2018

NEW DELHI: Google Pixel and Nexus users have been facing several bugs and issues since the Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS update. Google acknowleged these issues and said that it is working on them.

However, till the company tackles the problem here are few tips that users can follow to solve the battery and connectivity problems being faced. These tips have been shared by Tech Times in a report.

Users who have have installed the Android 7.1.1 Nougat update couple of days ago or less, need to give the OS some time to settle. If the battery draining problem still persists, reboot the device. Also, nifty steps like disabling apps that are not used, clearing cache folder, or keeping the brightness level of the display low also adds to more battery life.

Those who have knowledge with installing firmwares can downgrade to the older version. Factory reset is also an option.

It is worth adding that recently, some Nexus 6P users were experiencing unexpected shutdowns even when they had battery left on their smartphones (post update to Android 7.1.1 Nougat OS). One of the users reported that with 15% battery remaining "the phone flashes orange to go into battery saving mode and shuts down concurrently. The phone won't turn back on without charging. When on charge and powered back on, the battery will show as being at least 15% full." In some cases, the handsets shut down even with 60% battery left.

Regarding the connectivity issues, it was reported that some Google Nexus and Pixel, Pixel XL users faced issues while connecting to Wi-Fi networks.

Users facing this issue can reset their Wi-Fi router and 'Forget' the network from their smartphones. If the problem persists, theu need to find a way to upgrade all the apps or switch to 'Safe Mode' and try again.

If there are problems regarding Bluetooth connectivity, a simple step that users can try is to turn the service on and off again or 'Forget' the particular network and reconnect again. Following the aforementioned steps like clearing the cache or operating the handset in 'Safe Mode' might also solve the problem.

In case of the internet data problems, users can try rebooting the device or switch to the Airplane mode to cut off the networks and re-establish them again. They can also navigate to the handset's network settings under the 'Settings' option.

Last month, some Google Pixel handset users claimed a bug that deals with the 'Double Tap to Wake up' feature in the smartphone. It was mentioned that the feature was not working consistently on Pixel and the Pixel XL smartphones. For those unaware, the 'Double Tap to Wake Up' feature came as a part of Android 7.1.1 Nougat update. Users complained that the feature didn't work during the times when the power-saving feature Doze is switched on.

Google has so far not given any solution to the issue. But the search giant is said to be aware of working on it. "Thank you for your reporting your issues with the new gestures that were introduced in 7.1.1. We want to let you all know that the team is investigating, and working towards a future fix," said one of the Pixel community manager.

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