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6 Google Secret URLs that You Didn’t Know About

6 Google Secret URLs that You Didn’t Know About

Google has been a part of our lives from early 2000 and today we have become more dependent on it for most of our online activities. But did you know Google tracks our daily life activities not only in online world, but also in offline. Here are 6 secret URLs (links) of Google that exist to tell you what it knows about us.

Usernames and Passwords
Google stores all the usernames and passwords at one place that you enter on a website through Google Chrome or android device.

URL: passwords.google.com

Download Your Google Data
If you ever want to download your data from Google products, like Gmail messages, your YouTube videos, Google Keep notes, Google photos, etc. then you have an URL to help you with the process.

URL: google.com/takeout

Google Tracking Your Location
Did you know Google always tracks your location with the help of its android devices and Google maps app on other devices. The search giant not allows you to share your location but also keeps a record of your movements and locations in real life. You may want to check your entire location history by visiting below mentioned URL.

URL: google.com/maps/timeline

Sign Up Without Gmail
If you want to have a Gmail account but don’t want to keep your email ID (username) with @gmail.com, then you can do so by registering using your other existing email ID by visiting below URL.

URL: accounts.google.com/SignUpWithoutGmail

Google Saves Your Search Queries
Whatever search you make on Google search engine, YouTube or even on Google Home using voice commands, it keeps a log of all your searched queries at one place.

URL: history.google.com (for all your Google searches)
URL: history.google.com/history/audio (for all your Voice searches)
URL: youtube.com/feed/history (for all your YouTube searches and watched videos)

Locate Your Lost Android Device
Google helps you locate your android device in case you lost it somewhere, provided it’s switched on and connected to the internet as well. It allows you to ring your lost device at the same time you can delete any data remotely if you would like to do that.

URL: google.com/android/devicemanager

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