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Fix Pokemon Go ‘GPS Signal Not Found’ Error (Complete Guide) 2016

Pokémon Go is a free-to-play location-based augmented reality mobile game developed by Niantic for iOS and Android devices. And now Pokemon Go has become largest played game in history and craze of playing Pokemon Go is increasing day by day among people. There are some unique features of this game which makes it popular among all other games. Although this game is not available in all countries, Pokemon Go is available in few countries officially but people are playing it everywhere through unofficial way. Pokemon go has officially launched in US, UK, Canada, Germany, Australia and New Zealand. Other county users will have to still wait for official launch in their country.

How to Fix “Pokemon Go Failed to Detect Location” Error Easily in Android & iOS

You may have faced Failed to Detect Location error while playing Pokemon Go app in your mobile. We have found that many users are facing location errors in their mobile while playing pokemon go and you cannot play Pokemon Go if this error appears on your screen. You might have tried turning on GPS and few other things but sometimes all of these doesn’t work. There can be plenty of reasons behind not detecting location in pokemon go. Some of them are common issues but still if you face Signal Not Found error then no need to worry because here we are going to tell you how to fix gps signal not found error in pokemon go app. Follow below given methods to fix signal not found error.

Common Solutions to Fix “Gps Signal Not Found” Error in Pokemon Go Game

  • Turn on GPS of your device.
  • Turn Off Mock Locations from Developer Options, If enabled.
  • Give Location Permission to Pokemon Go App (Marshmallow Users Only)
  • Download Fake Location App & Use It.
  • Reinstall Pokemon Go Apk

Turn On GPS In Your Mobile

If you have not turned on GPS of your mobile then Pokemon Go app would not run in your device. So in case to run Pokemon Go app properly in your device make sure you have turned on GPS in your mobile from settings. This game is based upon location completely so you would have to keep GPS turned on whenever you wants to play. So if you have not turned on GPS then turn it on and try playing it again.
  • Go to Settings > Location of your device.
  • Then simply click on Turn On button.
  • Make sure location accuracy must be in High Mode.

Turn Off Mock Locations from Developer Options

If you are good in tech field and using developer options in your device and have turned on Mock Locations then Pokemon Go game would not run in your mobile properly. It can cause location spoofing of your device and game may not recognize proper location of your device which can lead in “GPS Signal Not Found” error while playing the game. So make sure that you have Mock Locations turned off in your device from Developer Options.
  • Go to Settings > Developer Options of your mobile.
  • Scroll down and there you will find option of Mock Location. If you have turned it on then Turn it off.
  • That’s it, Now try playing pOkemon go again in your device.

Give Location Permissions to Pokemon App (Marshmallow Users Only)

If you are Marshmallow users then you may need to give permission manually to all apps for locations. Due to security reasons marshmallow doesn’t allow Location to any app without allowing it manually from settings. This could be also reason of “Signal Not Found” error in Pokemon Go app. So make sure that you have given location permissions to Pokemon Go app from settings.
  • Go to Settings of your device and then select Apps from there.
  • Select Pokemon Go app from there and click on Permissions button.
  • Allow all permissions to pokemon go app and restart the game.
  • I Hope that it solves “Gps Signal Not Found” error in Pokemon Go game.

Reinstall Pokemon Go Apk

If still issue persists for you then it can be some issue in your package file too which may be occuring “Gps Signal Not Found” error in game. To resolve this issue you need to uninstall & reinstall game in your device again. Finally this solution can fix Location error in pokemon go game.
  • At first uninstall Pokemon Go app from your mobile phone.
  • Now Pokemon Go Apk in your mobile and install the game again.
  • Bravo! Error will not appear anymore while playing game.

Download & Use Fake Location App

If still Pokemon Go app doesn’t detect location of your mobile then it might be some issue with your device’s software or hardware. Then there is only one & ultimate solution to fix location error of pokemon is that you would have to use Fake Location app in your mobile. Which will spoof location of your mobile and then Pokemon Go will detect your location probably and you will be able to play pokemon go game in your mobile hassle free without any errors.
  • At first Download Fake Location app in your mobile from play store.
  • Search for your current location in app and choose the area.
  • Then click on start button in fake location app.
  • Make sure that you have turned on Mock Locations from developer options before using fake location app.
  • Once you start fake location then restart pokemon go game in your mobile.
  • Bravo! Now Pokemon Go will detect your location easily and you can play Pokemon Go without any problem or issues.
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